Origin:  Giessen, Germany


Genres:  Rock, Alternative


Years Active:  2009- Present


Label:  no label


Website: calamityjane.rocks

Short Bio

Calamity Jane is an alternative rock band from Germany. Three rock’n’roll girls and a powerful drummer play adrenaline-loaded songs with head-banging potential. Their music is characterized by catchy riffs and solos created by Nadja, played on Kyra’s solid bass-line and perfectly completed by Dirk’s drums. On top of that, comes Oana’s intense and unique voice which is accompanied by the backing vocals of Nadja and Kyra.
Calamity Jane is also sending, using their creative lyrics, a powerful critical social message inspired by everyday experiences of the band members.
When on the stage, the three girls with their drummer are literally on fire, offering an explosive show. This makes Calamity Jane a live band which no one wants to miss.


Set List

Tech Rider


Label: no label


Management and Booking:






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